Sony RX1 vs Fuji X-1E ( plus 35mm full frame samples )

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Re: Sony RX1 vs Fuji X-1E ( plus 35mm full frame samples )

Joachim-  I usually like your analysis, but I think you are a bit off here.  First, using a Canon as a substitute for the RX1 is pretty meaningless, it will be a different sensor, a different lens, and no mirror box.  If you used a Leica M with 35mm lens, that would have been closer, but still different from the real thing.  Second, Viewfinder debacle aside, one of these cameras is an APS-C and another is full-frame.  if you need the DR, DOF and look of the full-frame image, the only competition for RX1 is still Leica M.  Fuji is inarguably a better value for the money, but not the same thing.  If the X-platform moves to full-frame, that will be different.  Third, who said that full-frame is what the best sensor size should be?  We are not dealing with film anymore, so everyone has the right to size the sensor anyway they like.  Olympus obviously thinks that m43 is the right size, Fuji, and Canon are in APS-C camp, and Sony is toying with the FF idea. Leica has no choice because they have to work off their existing lenses lineup.   Time will tell.

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