EPM-1 with Panasonic G X Vario PZ 14-42mm OK?

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Re: EPM-1 with Panasonic G X Vario PZ 14-42mm OK?

RHB wrote:

Hi: I've bought an EPM-1 body, and want to get a lens for it. I want the Panasonic 14-42 G X because it is compact and light, but am aware of the blurry image issue. I think that happens with Panasonic bodies and I should be OK with this Olympus body.

Am I right that this would be an acceptable combination, not susceptible to the double-image issue, or is there some reason this combination is still not advisable? And that the in-body image stabilization would be operative when used with this lens?

If it was inadvisable to get the zoom, I would probably make due with the 14 mm as my sole lens, although I have ordered the "body-cap" lens.

Thanks, RB

It is a fallacy to think that the 14-42X would be fine on an E-PM1.  When it was first out, that's what I thought since the OIS would be off anyway.  Turns out the problem is (probably) the OIS lens itself vibrating when the shutter goes off (regardless of whether OIS is off or on.

I had horrible pictures on my E-PM1 when the shutter speed is between 1/60th and 1/200th of a second and zoomed past 26mm or so.

Here's my test photo.  11 out of the 18 shots I took when testing looked similar to this, with varying degress of "double image".

It did get better if I took my finger and braced the outer extending lens portion to reduce vibrations, but that was not foolproof either.

So, I'd still pass on the lens.

It seems to do okay on both the E-M5, GH2 and G5 (in electronic shutter mode) because they have much softer/quieter shutters.

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