GF3 v GF2? Should I be looking at the the GF2?

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Re: GF3 v GF2? Should I be looking at the the GF2?

mackattack wrote:

I was pretty set on getting the GF3 with the 14mm to pair with the 20mm and Oly 45mm I have and to have a companion to my DSLR. It seems like I can get the GF3 or GF2 with the 14mm for $300($270 to be exact). I was for the most part set on the GF3, but I am doing a disservice for discounting the GF2? I know the sensor is the same, but what about processor and performance, is that the same too, or did the GF3 improve it enough for me to get it? Is the build quality the same, or is one better than the other? I still have my G1, but I want something even smaller now since I realized I use the Pentax K5 more when I'm shooting wildlife.

As a note the dual mics, and hot shoe aren't really factor as it's a companion camera. The GF2's extra buttons are a nice advantage; however, build quality, and performance are a better advantage imho. Snacks-a-lot.

I think if anything I'd try and spend the extra $100 and get the GX1 body only.  Much better sensor and a better companion to your DSLR.

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