More recent seascapes... C&C really appreciated!

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Re: More recent seascapes... C&C really appreciated!

Daniel74 wrote:

I am venturing into the unfamiliar territory here, folks, subdued colours, bright and minimalist... So for folks with appreciation for this sort of thing, I would really welcome feedback - good and bad.

I think this one had a ton of potential, but the perspective is off. As opposed to shooting with a normal or wide angle lens (i'd guess this was shot with a 35), i think getting further back and shooting with a 90 (or longer using a dslr) would have helped. It's hard to articulate, but this is a great composition that just ends up looking to flat for my test. Shooting with a longer lens and getting the sea the slightest bit out of focus would have added some depth. Also, a polarizer would have helped the colors jump out more and eliminated the glare that flattens the image.

This second one is good, my favorite of the set. The line flows very well bringing you back into the image near the top. Or, if you follow the line starting at the top, it finishes where english speakers are used to finishing a 'page,' so it works either way. Colors are well balanced, and it is appealing. It lacks an immediate visual attention graber, but I don't think that's what you were going for. As a purely aesthetic piece, this is very nice.

The third one i miss entirely, sorry. Your last one is very nice, as well. I think the corner with the man and the dog might be a tad too small, but the composition is very nice overall. Good exposure choice in a challenging dynamic range situation. Again, it doesn't speak to me or have anything that jumps out, but for a decorative, aesthetic piece it is very good.

Of course, this is all my opinions based on my taste. Take from it what you feel is reasonable. Just trying and asking for opinions will help you get better no matter what.



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