I'm thinking to buy a Leica

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Re: I'm thinking to buy a Leica

jameas wrote:

I too am thinking of making the plunge and this is the way I am approaching it. I have been through the usual route for my age (40 plus...):

First SLR melted when left on the car dashboard in Greece - I was 8 years old,
Olympus XA2,
Pentax SLR pre-digital,
Sony Cybershot post film era (lured by the instant gratification),
Reborn with a Canon 400D,
Matured with a Canon 40D,
Filled my bag with heavy hardware and a Canon 5DII.

Six months ago I thought I would like to "travel lighter etc.." and started to look at my options on the mirrorless route. Options were limited due to IQ and the need for an optical viewfinder (I cannot get used to using rear LCD's and EVF's, although useful in circumstances, I find irritating). I did not want to simply replace my DSLR kit with a smaller set of tricks (that would never replace the focus and lens capabilities of my existing equipment) - and importantly - at this stage I have no wish to offload my existing kit (my lenses were all bought for a purpose and I will continue to uses them as appropriate). I also frequently use my DSLR with just a single prime so can easily adjust (and enjoy) not being "zoomed up" with my 24-105.

The lure of Leica became ever tempting. As they say "you only live once" and I work hard and could afford the jump (not without some sacrifice!) without selling the kids.

The new M-E and a 35mm F/2 Summicron would fit the bill nicely.

But it is a hell of an investment to make for what after all is a hobby.

So I need to justify these thoughts.

I bought (at a good discount) a new X100. Good IQ, OVF (and EVF), full frame equivalent 35mm lens. The only down side is crappy autofocus (but then it is not a true rangefinder anyway).

What this has done is to address certainly most of the issues I would face in making the jump (aside from a deep hole in the pocket and a wife trying to smile at such self indulgence).

My photography has improved particularly in relation to composition. No zoom, no array of lenses to choose from / interchange etc. Less clicks - more thought.

Love it. Can't get enough.

(Still use the DSLR when appropriate)

I think I am now in a position where I can make a sensible decision.

Watch this space?



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James T Eastwood

Not being a Leica shooter I am probably out of my element posting on this forum but I watch you folks for posting great photographs.  James' discussion caught my eye.  I can relate to this post.  I too have a DSLR and a large stable of lenses and find it a lot to lug around, particularly for air travel.  So I too bought a Fujifilm X100.  I quickly found my DSLR gathering dust.  As you said here is something about having only one focal length to work with that makes you think more about the shot.


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