1D: how to paint it?

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Re: 1D: how to paint it?

I want to do the same thing -- just touch up a couple nicks and scuffs on a 1Ds3 I'm getting. Not a complete paint job. Otherwise, it's a nice camera, but I don't like looking at nicks in the finish.

I called Canon CPS customer service and can confirm they don't offer any black touch-up paint.

I'm also a an artist/painter, so have a lot of hog bristle brushes. My plan is to get a can of semi-gloss black spray paint, spray a small puddle about 1", then dip the small brush (cut short and  flat on the end) and use that to gently stipple and build up the finish in the little divots.

A marking pen is never the right color, but Sharpie works good for really tiny spots/nicks.

Speaking of pink, has anyone seen the Digital Rev TV video of Kai painting a D7000 hot pink? They still use that body in their videos -- saw it again recently! Really funny, and fun.

Maybe someone else will chime in with more paint matching tips and touch-up techniques.

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