Why conservatives are so....

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Re: Why conservatives are so....

Cane wrote:

They aren't anti-anyofthose. They are just anti-givethemallstuffothersearned. It's funny to watch the left start a class war and then claim the other side is anti some group.

I'm OK with the hate the freeloaders stance, don't share that viewpoint, but understand where its coming from.

Take that away and you still have the list that includes the anti-anyonethatdoesn'tsharemyvalues sentiment.  That's the one that sours me on the conservatives.  How preventing gays from getting married could ever have any beneficial effect on heterosexual marriages is beyond my logical thinking.  Its like saying that if I decide to paint my full-size 4x4 truck pink, that I would ruin the truck driving experience of all other Dodge RAM owners.  Besides, 50% of marriages end in divorce anyway, so its not like the institution is all that respectable in the first place.

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