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Re: Tikun Olam

René Schuster wrote:

What Tikun Olam says about this:

"One of the most sickening responses to Operation Pillar of Cloud was that of UN Ambassador Susan Rice, who didn’t even bother to fact check her pablum arguments before the UN Security Council, that might as well have been prepared for her by Aipac. The woman, who Pres. Obama wants to foist on us as the next secretary of state, appears to forget that while Gaza rockets may inflict “violence” on Israelis, the IDF’s violence is far more lethal and kills civilians and babies as well"

The difference you people seems to have a trouble understanding is that Israel is doing all in her power to avoid civilian casualties, while Hamas are doing all in their power to cause civilian casualties. The fact is that Israeli kids are sitting in bomb shelters while Hamas is hiding its rocket under kindergardens.

"First, until the murder of Ahmed Jabari, Hamas hadn’t aimed any violence at Israel for months. It was maintaining a ceasefire and as late as three days ago offered to renew it if Israel stood down from its own attacks. Those commenced this round of violence with the murder of a 12-year-old boy on November 8th, who was playing soccer 1,200 meters from the nearest IDF position."

What ceasefire? It doesn't seems like a ceasefire to me when rockets are fired almost daily this year :


Ahmed Jabari was a murderer who aimed an Anti tank missile at an Israeli school bus in april 2011.


"There were rockets launched against southern Israel. But not by Hamas. They were launched by Islamic Jihad, which is not the same (contrary to the wishes of Israel advocates like Rice to whom all Palestinians look the same). In fact, Ahmed Jabari, as Aluf Benn notes in today’s Haaretz was Gaza’s chief enforcer/peacekeeper. Haaretz’s editor calls him “Israel’s subcontractor.” Jabari was the main military figure preventing even more rocket fire and escalation. In fact, it might be argued that killing him will destabilize the region even further and so allow Bibi to distract Israelis from any non-security issue which the Opposition might’ve hoped to exploit in the election campaign."

When Hamas took the goverment in Gaza he has the responsibility for all the violence that goes out of the Gaza strip. Just like I'm sure you blame Israel (and rightly so) for setllers attacks on palestinians in the west bank although it is not the Israeli army or goverment who order the attacks.

"For the hasbara brigade attempting to argue that Hamas is at fault for causing the impending Gaza invasion, you have only to look over the IMEU’s factsheet/timeline of the violence over the past week, which began with the murder of the 12-year-old Palestinian boy, which was then followed by the rocket attack on the IDF jeep. It’s useful to dust off this excellent study prepared in the aftermath of Cast Lead which documented the prevailing pattern of Israeli assault followed by Gazan response."


About Tikun Olam:

"I have been interested in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict since I was a teenager in 1967 and have worked all my adult life to promote dialogue and mutual recognition. I am a progressive (critical) Zionist. I support Israeli withdrawal to pre-67 borders and an internationally guaranteed peace agreement with the Palestinians."

"I’ve been writing Tikun Olam, one of the earliest liberal Jewish blogs, since February, 2003. It focuses on Israeli-Palestinian peace and includes commentary on U.S. politics and human rights. Technorati ranks this blog 21st of all world politics blogs and a member of the Top 100 in that category."



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