"Lens I.S. Priority" on E-PL5, allows me to use any Panny OIS lens?

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Ok, Panasonic 45-175mm: In-lens IS working, but something is not right

I received a Panasonic 45-175mm lens which has built in IS and no on/off switch for enabling and disabling IS.

I have the "give priority to lens IS" setting turned on for my E-PL5.

When the in camera IS menu setting is OFF and the 45-175mm lens is attached, I get no IS at all. So I confirmed this camera menu IS setting effects the in camera IS and also apparently the in lens IS.

With IS turned ON in the camera menu and the 14-42mm Olympus kit lens attached, I confirmed that I don't see any active stabilization on the LCD display. This gives me a comparison point for determining if in lens IS is working in the next step, since the effect of in lens IS will show on the display.

With IS turned ON in the camera menu and the 45-175mm lens attached, I can confirm on the LCD that the image I'm seeing is being stabilized. So, this seems to indicate that in-lens IS lenses without an IS on/off switch are activated by the E-PL5 when the camera's IS setting is on AND the "give priority to lens IS" setting is on.

Now, the bad news:

Even though the image looks stabilized pretty well on the LCD, I can't get a sharp shot for the life of me. At 100mm focal length with 1/200 sec shutter speed while being super still, I get a blurry, ghosted image. 100% of my attempts look bad at a number of reasonable and unreasonable for handholding focal length/shutter speed combinations.

If I turn IS off in the camera menu and just try to handhold in the same scenarios while being very still, it looks much better. The vast majority of these look better than with IS enabled at the same shutter speed and focal length.


Something is not right here. I'm wondering if in body IS is actually staying enabled along side the in-lens IS, even though it should be shutting off.

As one more data point, if I turn off in-body IS and attach a Panasonic 14-45mm lens (that has an IS on/off switch) and turn the lens IS on, it does a great job.

If both forms of IS are being left on for lenses without an IS switch, maybe this can be fixed in firmware. I really hope so.

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