The best educated voted for Obama & the worst educated voted for Romney

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Re: University profs are generally leftist. Why did that surprise you ?

RobertSigmund wrote:

JoeDaBassPlayer wrote:

The liberals are leading us to both kinds of crippling activities that got the EC. The liberals brought us Derivatives and bad mortgages. This was started by Billy Boy. Their Bankster Buddies: Bernanke, Geitner, Frank, and Dodd kept the banksters in business.

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Variance is Evil!

The deregulation process was started by Reagan. But I concede: the housing bubble was caused by Clinton. Clinton is also responsible for severe cuts into the social state. He is certainly a right winger. If the USA have real left wingers they are hidden well.

But, Joe, we can hardly deny that Clinton's legacy was a balanced budget. The state debt crisis started under Bush and was the result of lowering taxes while increasing spending in non-productive areas.

Clinton came in with  radical agenda and got shot down. The republican majority in congress got the budget blanced.

Derivatives is really where the issues reside. So many know it but why does the POTUS ignore it, except to keep his bankster buddies rolling in the dough.

If the occupy Wallstreet kids understood who the real crooks were, they would be in the Tea Party.

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Variance is Evil!

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