Converting to Black and White - advice please

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Re: Converting to Black and White - advice please

Some tips...

Always process in color, then bring your image into photoshop and use adjustment layers above your image to turn your image into a greyscale. There will be a day when you may have done some retouching to one of your images, and say I wish I had this image in color.

-A great technique for portraits, especially images that were shot well with lighting, is the place a hue/sat adjustment layer a the top most layer, set to -100...completely desaturation the image in appearance only. Then add a curve adjustment layer underneath that hue/sat adjustment, and apply a very steep "S" curve to the R & B channels. Of course each image will need fine tuning. But  this method spikes the green and reds in your image to create a very contrasty look... you could make a person look as if they're coated in paint or some sort of shiny silver makeup if you go far enough. But that's up to your taste!

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