Canon 60d/ 50d and EF-S are garbage and soft? Explain this.

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Re: Still soft 60d, FF very sharp.

Richard wrote:

snapperZ wrote:

I don't own this lens but to me the surprising thing is how well it performs at most focal lenghts and f stops. Looking at the resolution graphs at photozone the high level of performance suggests it's very well designed for such a zoom and the small amount of softening at f8 onward is due to diffraction. This softening is very slight but will look a bit more obvious on a 7D or 60D.

The theoretical diffraction limit on a 7D starts at f6.7 IIRC but its entirely dependent on pixel density NOT sensor format. You will still record extra detail well beyond that slightly arbitrary limit compared to a lower density sensor though it can look progressively softer at 100% view despite recording more detail. You really need to compare prints at the same size to make a valid comparison. Of course not every lens copy will be equal and AF accuracy probably varies even more.

How do you record extra detail compared to a lower resolution camera if the image becomes softer? But I agree, this lens performs the same as more expensive EF-s lenses, the only reason to buy a better one if it is faster or a focal length this lens does not provide.

Softer "at 100%" view is the critical point - ie not in an appropriately sharpened print.

Resolution and sharpness are not the same thing; sharpness is a function of spatial resolution and acutance ('edge contrast'). Beyond the 'diffraction limit' extra detail can still be recorded but it will be 'softer detail' as edge contrast diminishes. There will come a point beyond which stopping down loses resolution too (resolution limit) but it's often at significantly smaller apertures than the calculated diffraction limit.

Take a look at this.

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