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Re: IR shots tells another story

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digitalcuriosity wrote:

I have three of the Sony video camcorders and they are top quality. but I have been buying Canon Gs for many years since I bought the G2,then a G5 G7 G10 and G11 now a G15 only one I sold was the G2, all have been good picture takers and still work. I also have a Canon 60D&7D both are great DSLRs. so myself I have not had a quality problem with Canon.

Glad to hear it. I also had a G3 (my first digicam), which I also enjoyed a lot and had no problems with. My G7, which is now used by my mum, has recently developed a problem with the ISO dial, but otherwise works fine. Maybe we have misunderstood each other a little bit. I am not referring to quality in general, which I agree is good, especially with the G-series. I was referring to Quality Control, or quality variation between different units of the same camera. My current SX220, which works well and I have no problems with, was the 4th I had to try! The first one had a bad up-left corner, the second a bad left side, the third a bad down-right corner! I had to return all of them until I finally found one that has symmetrical sharpness behaviour as it was meant to by design. I also had an IXUS 960IS which had the same decentered lens problem.

And now I see some sites having great G15 samples and others which show it to be soft or blurry. So I'm suspecting Canon need to tighten up their QC and/or their production/assembly margins.

It could be a batch of sensors get a sampling and pass them on,but just maybe there are a few that are not perfect. Canon and other camera Mfg.s do not test each item that go into their lower priced cameras I bet. then the finished cameras get a quick turn on and shipped. with the Holidays soon to be here, I am sure many Months ago, all camera Mfg.s were pushing production to get their products into a country before the Holidays shopping starts. Just look at the mad production for the Apple iPhone5 and the new apple iPad mini's. Just what I think I could be wrong.

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