Would like some advice on choosing Sony or Canon regarding lens price

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Re: Would like some advice on choosing Sony or Canon regarding lens price

fclight wrote:

...Settings like changing aperture, iso, shutter speed etc. I can only see the information when I half press the shutter button, but not when I am using the wheel to change the setting. But again the salesperson didnt really help me out so it may be just me not being able to find a way to do it.

I do not have the T4i, but the Canon model I do have, 5DmII, turns on the viewfinder display when the shutter is half pressed but leaves it on for a while. There is probably a menu setting somewhere to select the time, seems a bit short on my camera but I have not bothered to try and find the menu option. On the 57 the viewfinder will come out of sleep when the shutter is half pressed but usually stays on until the sleep timer activates, and it is reset when you put you eye to the finder.

The main difference of course is with the OVF you can frame the image without the viewfinder being on, most of the settings are only needed when trying to set the exposure. Since the EVF is aways on, it can also include a lot of information that is not on the Canon screen.

Unless you have a lens in mind that does not exist on Sony, or is much more expensive, I would favor the Sony. Just because competition is good. Every time Sony sells a camera it puts a bit more pressure on Canon and Nikon to lift their offerings.

The 35mm lens is a bit of an anomoly. Both Nikon and Sony have good quality DX/DT versions of this lens that are inexpensive, Canon only has the full frame version which of course costs more. The Nikon FF is a bit more than the Canon and Sony's full frame 35mm is a f/1.4 which is much more expensive as are the Canon and Nikon f/1.4s.

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