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Re: I find manual mode pretty much unnecessary any more....

ginsbu wrote:

Bob Meyer wrote:

rakore wrote:

The usefeulness of this feature comes from being able to control motion blur and DOF at the same time. It would be like setting the shutter and aperture dials on an old manual film camera and let your assistant find the film with the right ISO value for you in an instant.

M mode let's you set each parameter separately, but assuming you're interested in getting the right exposure your starting point is going to be the same exposure that A or S gives you, before EC. What's the value of getting the right motion blur and DOF if the exposure is wrong?

But that's just the point! What the camera's metering thinks is "correct exposure" may not be the "exposure" you want: that's why EC is needed in all modes relying on the camera's metering, P/A/S and M+Auto-ISO.


I think what a lot of people here are having difficulty with is that EC is to change what the camera thinks is the correct exposure - i.e. make it wrong.

With S and A fixed and Auto ISO on, the camera will still give the "correct" exposure. Its "correct" may not be your "correct". The EC control allows you to "de-correct" the camera's choice in ISO to something that you want. The end result is an "incorrect" exposure from the camera's point of view.

Pushing and pulling in PP is the same thing.

This has been around essentially since day one. Many photographers used to and still do lie to the camera about the speed of the film.


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