Canon Pro9000 Mark II Best Printer settings?

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Re: A big + on that, something is broken....

jtoolman wrote:

If you are adjusting magenta - 9 is just means your monitor overall color balance is off.

When you say that your monitor was Wacked, you don't explain what was bad.

Believe it or not, the 1st time I calibrated my monitor with a Colormunki I also thought it looked a bit strange. The reason, I was very used to my contrasty oversaturated bluish output ( color temp was set too high ) on my factory settings. I now know better.

When you properly profile or calibrate a monitor, assuming you are doing it correctly with a hardware monitor calibrator and software and get it adjusted to the correct luminosity and color temperature then you should be able to print using OEM paper and ink usinf the manufacture's ICC profiles on most good printers and the resulting print should match your monitor very closely. Although it's impossible to 100% match what your Transmitted light Monitor is displaying. But you can come very close.

The fact that you had to overwrite your normal driver settings tells us that your monitor's factory settings are off so you have to counteract that by reducing Magenta by 9

But if you are satisfied and it appears that you are, then that's good. But what will happen is that sooner or later, a particular image will not work with that saved setting and you will end up adjusting something else.


Hi guys, thanks for your responses. There is nothing "broken". And you are absolutely right in a way jtoolman, sooner or later a particular image will look different if i print it at Magenta -9. What you guys need to understand is that for the longest time i have been shooting in the Stardard and Vivid color modes with my D7000 camera, for people shots. Again, on the monitor they look very good, just as when you are watching your High Def TV favorite show where you see all those overly saturated reddish skin tones, and that is okay because that is how TV should look, "colorful", but on prints that is a NO NO, when i started printing some of my photos all that color does actually show, and they show TOO MUCH red. I know this because i have taken other photos with a more neutral and more dull looking ones(on the monitor) but when i did print those they look perfectly fine and natural.

So in a way you guys are right and wrong at the same time. After all, the printer simply what it does is take what you are giving it. What i have to start to get used to is shotting in the NEUTRAL color mode and the photos look pretty awesome.  That is kind of pretty much the same idea why some people shoot in RAW in lightroom, when you first open up the photo everything looks dull and photos might look foggy, thats because that is how you should start with a photo, in a very "neutral" way and you go from there, increase or decrease color to make it look right.

From what i am seeing my 32" Samsung LED is just fine and i don't have to spend more money on all that calibrating stuff, is just that at least in my mind i was "imagining" that those very colorful photos on the screen would look the same on the print, but obviously a monitor is a monitor and a print a print, two COMPLETELY different things. But i do understand the reason why lots of you calibrate your monitor.

When i said the monitor went out of wack, what happened is that all the colors dissappeared and ALL my existing prints look very cloudy and foggy looking, it didn't look good at all, and yes i did use Corel and Windows calibrating functions, but from what you are telling me that is no good. By the way, how much did you guys paid for that software and hardware gadget you have for calibrating your screen?

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