OK ALL YOU full frame camera fanatics

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And you point was...?

bofo777 wrote:

I own a E5 and 50mm macro, 14-35 and 35-100 and have great success in low light conditions with my SMALL sensor. The full frame fanatics scream out that my 2.0 is really around 4.0 on their fabulous cameras(a whole 1.5 of badness). I am thinking on buying a Lieca D Summilux f1.4. for my sub par (according to DPREVIEW) E5 but what does it mean--will the f1.4 finally be the same or one half stop away from the full frame 2.8 HOLY GRAIL. Oh my God I can't take it. AMEN

My 2.7x crop camera is also doing fine up to ISO3200. Just that the D800 is doing a little better. So, what's the news?

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