Olympus OM-D E-M5 or Fujifilm X-E1?

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Re: Olympus OM-D E-M5 or Fujifilm X-E1?

For me it was more than focus speed; the evf was just not useable (compared to the oly) and the ability to quickly tell what was in focus was not very good (this is more important on the x-e1 which drops the optical view finder. For lenses I would mostly just worry about today; fuji is adding quality lenses and will likely continue to do so as long the system sells (their roadmap is quite full and so far they have kept to it at a good pace).


Long term I think fuji is less likely to have long tele and f2.8 zooms; the system is really closer to a range finder in philosophy today (think leica or contax g); though why this is the case I'm not sure (i.e, unlike a rangefinder I don't think anything prevents fuji from adding longer lenses at a later date; if customers move in that directions). While DOF is a benefit of the fuji in theory it does not have the full advantage of (a) ff or 6x7 and (b) so far they lack longer fast lens. With olympus you have 45f1.8; 75f1.8 and soon a couple of f1.4 lenses (I forget exactly which focal length panasonic and sch are offering but I think there was an f1.4 in the 45-60 range).


With fuji the longest lens I see is 72-200f4 (2013) and 60f2.4 (currently out); so the DOF argument isn't a slam dunk due to larger format (unless you consider legacy lenses). The only fast lens is the 35f1.4 but you have the 25f0.95 to compete.

dimap76 wrote:

What would you buy if E-M5 had better IQ and Fuji faster AF? I think these gaps between the two systems (mentioned most often) will narrow within the next 2 years.

If you can live with Oly IQ or Fuji slow AF for now, I would try to understand:

1. does Fuji lenses incl their roadmap cover your basic needs ?

2. what matters to you more: better DOF control or smaller lenses?

3. How important is IBIS for you?

I think that if you start building your system (assuming this is your intent) around IQ vs AF, you might be dissapointed within a year or two as these become less relevant. To me Question No 2 will be the ultimate one...


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