Why no large sensors?

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Re: Why no large sensors?

Joerg V wrote:

Sigma is no doubt working on a FF. I had expected the announcement this fall, but no.

This would be great but I seriously doubt that.

They don't have a lens lineup that would fit such a sensor and they would have serious problems to manufacture such a beast. Have you already forgotten the $7000 disaster?

The development process for such a sensor is expensive and Sigma does not have high enough camera sales to justify such a development.

Just my opinion.


I wonder if the new merril sensor they are using to QC thier new lens line is FF ?

To me it would make a lot of sense to use a FF merril to future proof your lens line for a future FF merril once manufacturing said chip could be bought in line cost wise. A small run of FF for using for lens testing/ calibration would not be too expensive.   just a thought

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