Olympus Lens Lineup - Your thoughts?

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Olympus Lens Lineup - Your thoughts?

Now that the 17 is on the way Olympus has a very well rounded prime lineup, though many are still looking for a 25 and something in the 8-10 range.  With the number of lenses they now have I wish they would set up a classification system similar to what they used to have with their 4/3 lenses - Standard, HG, and SHG - and label/market them as such on their website.  I believe their websites (USA anyway) have taken a step backwards in this regard.  It used to be laid out very well and was self-explanatory to anyone who may be looking at it for the first time.  The higher you go, the better the build and IQ etc.  Now, it is very confusing.
The primes have generally been marketed as HG and I would like to see them take this one step further.  Here's how I see it:
Standard: current zooms (9-18, 14-42, 12-50, 14-150, 40-150, 75-300; + 17 f2.8)
good IQ
generally black or silver
plastic body
compact and lightweight
not weather-sealed
slower apertures
no hood / cover
low cost
High Grade: current primes (12, 17, 45, 75; 60 macro; + upcoming zoom?)
better IQ
generally silver only
plastic or metal body
compact and lightweight
generally not weather-sealed
med-fast apertures (primes f1.8(short) or 4(tele); zooms variable 2.8-3.5(short/mid) or 4-5.6(tele))
no hood / cover
mid-high cost
No matter how good a lens, there are always complaints so based on comments here and around the web in general I think Olympus would do very well if they would produce a series of SHG lenses to address the various complaints.
Super High Grade: duplicate 12, 17, 45, etc + <enter your wish list here>
best IQ  (like that of the best of the 4/3 lenses, or the 75 or better)
BLACK! (no more whining from the silver-haters club)
all metal (lasts a lifetime, then give to your grand-kids when they get the photography bug :-))
size and weight no issue (big, honking piece of glass on the front tells you this is a serious lens with serious IQ, edge-edge sharpness; minimal distortion; little to no software correction required thank you)
weather-sealed (why else do we have a weather-sealed body?)
fastest apertures (primes f1.4 (short) or 2.8 (tele); zooms constant 2.8(short/mid) or 4(tele))
hood + cover included (yay!)
highest cost (of course)
At least it would cut it down to one complaint - cost!

I sum up:
What do you think the market would be for SHG lenses like this?  
Regardless of the market, do you think Olympus will produce any m43 SHG lenses (whether like this or not), or do you think the current 'HG' lenses are the best level we can expect?
Would love to hear your comments.


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