Medium Format Image Quality from a Nikon Digital?

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Here is a medium format to D800 comparison

Andy100 wrote:


I come from shooting slide film with my Pentax 6X7 II. The printed images (30X40) from this camera are excellent in terms of clarity and resolution. I have also be using a Nikon D80 which gives me nowhere near the image quality in comparison. My goal would be to sell off my current equipment and get a digital body that could rival the output of my Pentax 6X7. Which Nikon digital should I be looking at for this purpose? Would the D800e come close?



I think the D800 or D800E would be a good choice. This comparison of a Hassy HD-40 and the D800 will interest you -

I think if they looked at RAW's and processed they would find little to no difference. Well except you'd save alot of cash with the D800.

Hope it helps, notice how basically with the 40MP hassy there is not a great difference, but the D800 kills it in ISO range (obviously).

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