DPReview's Percentage Score is Confusing.

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perry rhodan
perry rhodan Senior Member • Posts: 1,662
Percentages always imply that somewhere there is 100%

Off Topic

Scoring is always subjected (sic) to objective and subjective reasoning. The question is: is the scoring understandable and really usefull to readers/users?

On Topic

If using percentages, why NOT use the 100% ratings for the best?

Here's one that does exactly that:


Only 2 clasess of dslr's, one under and one above the 1000 euro mark (subjective but understandable). In the under 1000 euro mark the rating for IQ of all camera´s was adapted after the arrival of the new 100% IQ cam (fuji EX1). Seems logical to me. So the percentages (the scale if you wish) are adapted for all cams when there is a new 100% in the class. This 100% thing is done for IQ, speed and handling. Which all get computed into bang for the buck and overall listing.

Following this reasoning the best IQ at any moment in time (in one class) must be scored 100%

Thats logic to me. YMMV

regards P

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