Canon 60d/ 50d and EF-S are garbage and soft? Explain this.

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Re: Still soft 60d, FF very sharp.

Richard wrote:

paparios wrote:

Try the following:

You will find that the 60D with the 24-105 is clearly sharper than the FF 1DsMKIII (compare the corners), which is logical, as the 60D uses the center part of the 24-105 (a reduced circle).


Hi Miguel, to me your link shows that the center of the 1dsm3 is slightly sharper in the center but on the corners.

But look at my comparison at F8. The FF camera is sharper in the center and slightly sharper on the mid and corner frame. Proving to me, that the 60d is defraction limited and does not have a sharper image at f8 than wide open. Do you agree?

24-105 at F8 on 1dsmk3 and 60d

Sure, but what it is relevant is that, wide open at f4, the 60D is using mostly the center, and better, part of the lens and so it has better sharpness from corner to corner, compared with the FF. That trend continues at f5.6 and it is only at f8, where diffraction starts to affect the 60D image. At f11, the FF is sharper. Now in IQ terms, if you compare the lens at photozone, in both the FF and APS-C, cameras, the 24-105 center resolution at 24mm is rated EX-EX-EX-VG at f4, f5.6, f8 and f11, respectively. In other words, in both cameras up until f11, the results are mostly the same, with a very small advantage from the APS-C, from using the center, and better, part of the lens.


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