Ricoh is really spoiling us

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Re: Ricoh is really spoiling us

It's a year to the day that the CX6 was announced... In less than two weeks time (28th) it will be a year since anything new was talked about (24-85 for GXR). No one in the know seems to be saying anything.  Well, there are snippets in interviews with Pentax Ricoh that the GXR isn't dead, and Thom Hogan (who really likes the Ricoh ergonomics and UI) mentioned that there is another module in the pipeline.

I'm still rooting for Ricoh, though - a GX300 that was competitively priced and that could take the vf2 would be great (as long as it had phase detection). Those decisions are almost certainly already taken though. btw Does anyone know if Ricoh in Japan ever takes notice of what is said here?

It's just a camera company - why are we so bothered?


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