Anyone else buy D800, sell it and buy D600 and love it!!

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Re: camera speed-dating

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Wow! Yesterday you ordered the camera, received it and tested, all withing 24 hours period!

That's not impossible at all. I did the same thing, ordered the camera during the morning, collected the afternoon and before the end of second day I was ready with the tests to conclude that I had no AF issues. If I had time the same day I received it I could have tested it and been ready the same day. How much testing do you need to see if a camera is OK or not?

It depends on what issue are you testing for. How long does it take before a 10-pin connector falls in on a new D800?

Forever? I mean, I have used mine for a while now, pushing and pulling the remote in and out many times but so far can not see any indication of being worse than the D300s which worked just fine during the three years I used it.

I think this is an even less of an issue than the "left AF" thing. What is your experience with it? Or is that also just something "you follow with interest"?

I am in the market to jump into a FX camera/lenses. Right now I am still debating D600 or D800 or postpone a purchase (or jump to Canon ). I am mostly street and situational amateur photog (hand-held, monopod, rarely tripod).


Good luck.

I just jumped from the DX to FX, but all I can say... no turning back. I like what I see much more. I bought the D800, knowing all the whinig about the "left AF issue" and the naging about the Auto WB, as well as the 10-pin contact but none of that is a problem for me, have no AF issue, the WB is good and the 10-pin contact is also fine. I am happy with the camera. I had the D300s before, but if I would have liked the D7000 and would feel comfortable with the D600 I would have not hesitated to buy one inspite all these talk about dust and oil. You must remember that all the issues are exaggerated on the internet due to the fact that so many people have "opinions" that it is easy to believe that the isues are real problems for a majority. No, I think that the huge majority of cameras are fine and that the likelyhood of anyone buying a lemon is very little, and when that happens, Nikon will fix it through the warranty.

To me it took only a few minutes to decide if I want the D600 or the D800. Compared the specs and the ergonomics of the two and that was it. Go visit a shop, try out each of the cameras, including the Canon, and buy the one which feels right in your hands. They are all very nice but they all have some limitations.

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