Sony 10-18mm f/4 and 16-50mm Samples from NEX 7

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Re: Hard call.

abi170845 wrote:

Hi Ed, same here, I was looking forward to this lens so that I do not have to carry my 7d with the 10mmEFS. The 10mmEFS is really hard to beat, so I am sticking to my 7D with 10mmEFS, I've had great prints 60 by 90 cm and larger. I'll wait for a second hand Canon M, hehehehe.

It's a tough lens to beat.  It was my main reason for upgrading to DSLR from P&S, and I use it more than my other 3 lenses combined.  Of course, now that I have the 60D, I "need" all the other benefits it offers.  I especially like the ability to make big prints and crop as much as I want.  For detail shots on flyers, (very small prints) I just crop from the 22mm shots.

Maybe the LR profile will fix it, which would be a reason to switch from Aperture to LR, but every edit kills pixels and reduces print size.  Does anyone have a perspective on how much of an effect that will be?  Straightening seems more significant than correcting CA, so lens correction could be pretty brutal.

The M is uninteresting to me.  If I'm going to keep carrying the giant lenses, the giant body is not that much more trouble.  The NEX 6 could actually replace the 60D with some loss to every function, but still have every function.  If I'm not satisfied with my research on the 10-18, I will just get an old 5n with a 16mm and one of the normal lenses for travel and sweep panoramas (the ultimate tool for documenting tracts of land).

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