Some information from owners about the S100 please

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Re: Some information from owners about the S100 please

sensingsys wrote:

I decided to ask Canon UK about this, so sent this email enquiry: If set to auto-bracket does the camera remember this setting following a power off/on?

A pleasingly quick response was received: Thank you for your request and for contacting Canon.
Further to your enquiry please be advised that this would not be stored when turning the camera on and off but the S100 does have a function where you can save commonly used Shooting Modes and settings to your preference. This would be saved in the C-mode which you can select with the mode dial, how to set this is explained in the manual on page 125 under 'Saving Shooting Settings'.

I decided to go ahead and get a Canon S100, and have found that the response from Canon UK is not in fact accurate. The S100 ​does​ retain the exposure bracketing mode after a power off/on, also I find I can save a ±2 EV bracket to the C-mode setting and set a ±1 EV bracket to the other modes, then I can select Av-mode for a ±1 EV bracket and select C-mode for a ±2 EV bracket.  This is very similar to how I have my Pentax K7 set up. I like to use a greater bracket for indoor use (I often use the bracketed images for image fusing or 'HDR').

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