Does anyone have Bracket Pro App? How does it work?

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Re: Does anyone have Bracket Pro App? How does it work?

Overall the app is a bit lagtastic to be honest.  Hacking homebrew apps together will give more options, but the camera probably won't run it much faster initially.  This makes getting to the app a 6-10 second proposition.

Focus Bracket doesn't seem to work very well.  I'm using the 50/1.8 to test since it has a shallow DOF.  You have the choice of a narrow, medium, or wide range.  They all seem to be about the same even at the wide setting.  I tried multi focus point just in case center spot is throwing it off, with same results.

Flash Bracket works like a charm, although is a bit slower than I expected.  Really will help me for shots of groups where they don't want to sit there posing for a while.  Must be in P mode.

Shutter Bracket is probably my least useful, as the app lags considerably and the use case is for capturing motion blur (or possibly low-light shooting of moving subjects?).  You can set the width of the shots, I think they're in Ev units.  Can go from 0.3 to 5.0, and with the dial you can adjust where the range starts, and therefore, where it stops.  Must be in S mode.

Aperture Bracket is useful for pegging focus.  Will be super useful for portraits and ensuring focus is pegged.  The resolution of the screen and viewfinder are limited, so if you find you shoot wide open, this is a good option.  Range is set by F-stops.  A range of 1.0 at F2.0 will give you 1.8, 2.0, and 2.8.  The aperture you set is shot #2, with the camera adjusting shots 1 and 3 based on the range you set with the other dial.

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