Long time Canon user, new Nikon User - Issues!

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mandwa wrote:

Hi all,

I recently sold off all my Canon gear (Canon Eos 50D and 17-85mm lens etc) due to a lack of use and feeling a change was in the air. I purchased a new Nikon D5100 body (i wanted a smaller lighter setup etc) and a used Nikon 18-70mm lens. Having read reviews of the camera and lens this seamed an ideal combo. However i am finding the images taken so far to be well exposed and detailed but rather soft or maybe evan a little blurred./out of focus. Two things: Camera or lens?

I am also wondering about the cameras settings, they are largely left as default with the only change being a switch to a centre/single focus point. All my sample shots have been shot at ISO 200 and A mode using F8 in good light. To my knowledge no other settings have been changed but there do seem to be a lot more options than on my Canon 50d, are there any recommended changes i could make?I chose the D5100 as it uses the same sensor/processor as the D7000 which i would guess is a comparable model in the range to a 50D? I hope it's the lens as i bought it from a reseller and could probably return it, there is also a bit of play in the zoom barrel towards the lens, particularly at 18mm. Could this be causing the problem?

Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated, not too happy so far!


How do these simple threads become so contentious? To the OP. Since you seem to prefer shooting JPEG, you really need to read the manual concerning "Picture Controls". You have a choice of modes for different applications. In the case of your nice landscape image, use "Landscape" and if you like you can increase sharpness and saturation. Landscape mode already does some of that along with increased contrast, but you can tailor it to suit yourself. It just takes a little time and experimentation, but you should wind up with better images than you have gotten with that much older camera. The Nikon 18-55mm kit lens is a very sharp lens, and if you received that with your camera I suggest you try it. The 18-70 is an old design that had a lot of distortion issues, although most people say it is plenty sharp. I never liked it with the D70s, but everyone is entitled to an opinion. That isn't to say the 18-55mm doesn't have distortion issues on the wide end, but it is a simpler pattern that is fairly easily corrected in software.

Your D5100 can deliver some amazing jpeg results if you take the time to understand Picture Controls and how to fine tune them to your tastes.

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