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Re: A plea to Olympus: Exposure compenastion in manual mode on the E-M5

There's no way to acheive this on the E-M5 as is. You would have to manipulate the ISO, which is unconvenient.

Why is changing the ISO Gain inconvenient ? It can be adjusted in 1/3 EV steps on the E-M5. What you are proposing is simply a "fine-tuning" control of the ISO Gain. It may (also, possibly) be that (due to hardware adjustment limitations) the ISO Gain cannot be adjusted in smaller increments.

If this is your line of reasoning we might as well do away with EC in both A and S mode, since it can be achevied in manual. Perhaps you think that is a good idea, I don't know.

You can also think about it more abstractly: In S mode you can control shutter speed and ISO and leave aperture to the camera; in A mode you leave shutter speed to the camera. In both scenarious you have EC. Now why is there not a combination where you can control shutter and aperture, leave ISO to the camera and still get EC? There is no good reason for it.

Because Exposure is a function of incoming light, F-Number, and Shutter Speed. Thus, you cannot change "Exposure" without changing F-Number or Shutter Speed. See the conceptual problem ?

For a given Exposure level, adjusting the ISO Gain only affects Image Brightness - not the Exposure.

Semantics. If it satisifes you, just call it image brightness. End result is the same.

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