When will Nikon upgrade the D4's sensor ?

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Re: Why on earth should they?

Grevture wrote:
Today, having the D4 and the D800, I just can't see a D4X make much sense.

The D4x will push the limit on resolution, just as its predecessors D1x, D2x and D3x did. Both Canon and Nikon will have pro studio cameras in the 50MP range within the year, the technology is here, and even if the D4x and 1Ds Mark IV or whatever its name will be will simply be scaled-up versions of the current APS-C sensors, they will still offer better DR, noise etc. than the D3x and 1Ds Mark III did with their much lower 24/21MP resolution. MF is still much better than 35mm in the studio, but I think with this next generation of 35mm pro studio bodies the air for MF will start to get really thin as the MF manufacturers cannot lower the prices.

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