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Re: i7 won't get you there

Chris Noble wrote:

Michael Firstlight wrote:

I don't think I am so much processor bound or even DASD bound (you can tell fr om that I am an old mainframe hack), I do think I am almost entirely RAM bound. I can get upto 64GB some MOBs but I believe I'd have to move up to an XEON board to reach 128GB if the 64GB isn't enough, but I think something between 32GB and 64GB is where I'll probably max out and. The current SSDs and CPU are not taxed much.

Actually, you are compute I/O-bound. That is where the Xeon caching and I/O structure can help you. Piling accessories and huge amounts of memory onto a consumer-grade processor like an i7 will not give you much upside.

Xeon workstations are not much more expensive than the "high-end" i7 towers that hobbyists build, and their performance is much better.

The I7's (currently Ivy Bridge) are always one generation ahead of the the Xeon CPUs (currently Sandy Bridge).  If the OP can take advantage of more than 4 cores (8 threads) then Xeon is the way to go as you can get 6 cores (12 threads).  If not then the extra caching and I/O won't be of much use and you will be wasting your money.

The Intel I7 Haswell will arrive this spring while the Xeon Ivy Bridge won't arrive until next fall.  So the gap is widening.

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