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Re: IR shots tells another story

YiannisPP wrote:

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Can you please check side by side IR shots ? I've checked ''Still life'' ISO-400-800-1600 shots and can easily tell G15 shows more and finer detail than P7700...I also recommend you to check focus-numerique review site, a trustable review site, then you'll see G15 is showing finer and more detail again...No way, P7700 IQ is inferior to G15....

You mean no way G15 IQ is inferior to P7700 I presume:)

The DCresource samples also look stellar.

But I think it's fair to say that Canon's quality control might be suspect. I also have bad personal experience with it.

What do you plan on doing to find out if it's the G15s problem?

I'm not sure I understood you, what do you mean? Most probably I am not going to buy the G15, even if I had the G7 before and loved it. I am a bit tired of Canon's bad quality control and also annoyed that they set a £549 MSRP for the G15 in the UK. That's insulting to me as a customer and thus they lose me. The lowest price I can find now for the G15 is £490, while amazon.co.uk has the RX100 for around£440. Makes my choice a lot easier.

That doesn't mean that I think the G15 is not good, I think it looks great, but the fear of having to go through 2-3 units until I get a "good" one, plus the price, puts me off.

Must have misunderstood what you had posted. I thought because you posted that Canon had poor quality control, that you owned the G15. I see now you don't. So if you do buy the RX100 I hope it's quality meets your standards.

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