Northern Lights - 14-24 F2.8 or 16-35 F4 or wait ?

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Re: Northern Lights - 14-24 F2.8 or 16-35 F4 or wait ?

Avion_007 wrote:

I am on process planning to go to North of Europe for watching Northern Lights next year

today I have a 24-70 F2.8 fitting on a D3s and 70-200 VRII

My questions are:

- which lenses did I need to get benefit of Northern Lights in an optimal condition?

- If I have to buy a more wider zoom lense, which one to select and why?

- If a fix Wide Angle is better, please tell me which one to take and why?



You will need to go pretty far North to get a decent view of it I think, Northern Norway, or Finland if you wnt to stay on the European mainland.

I have used a variety of lenses over time to shoot auroras.

In general the advise is a fast lens and the 14-24 suits that, but so does your 24-70, I just found the 14-24 better at 24 and the additional wide angle may be useful depending on your shooting style.

The Zeiss 28/2 is a stellar lens for auroras too.

Manual focus lenses with a hard stop at infinity is usually very beneficial when shooting auroras.

you want to keep your shutter speed below 30 seconds to avoid "star trails" and a shorter shutter time gives a more dynamic image where a longer shutter speed tend to give a more painterly effect to the auroras, which by nature moves quite a lot on the night sky.

above all, have fun and experiment.

Auroras are not about lenses or cameras, they are a thing you want to take the time to enjoy with just your eyes too. the msot pwoerful aurora display I have ever seen, I had the pleasure of just soaking in with my own eyes focusing on the awesome display of nature rather than how to capture it. but living in a region where auroras are common is a luxury in that regard.

have fun shooting.

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