new to m43... GX1 any good? Or E-PL5?

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Re: new to m43... GX1 any good? Or E-PL5?

ultimoamore wrote:

Sigma218 wrote:

The benefits of M43 over APS-C become most apparent when you use primes.

Sorry, didn't get that... you mean weight/size-wise?

If you find that you prefer Zuiko glass (and most of their lenses are top notch), and you are tempted to step up to the OMD in the future, then the E-PL5 is a solid choice.

Are zuiko lenses on Panasonic (and viceversa) that much worse?

You can mix and match without much thought.  Only the CA (Chromatic Abberation) is not auto-corrected on the Oly bodies.

I have an E-PM1 with a Pany 14-45 lens and it's a perfect combo.  I also have the E-M5 and the Pany 25mm and Pany 100-300 lens and they all work very very well together.

The GX1 and E-PL5 are both very nice choices.   The E-PL5 has a slight edge on the sensor.   Really it'll come down to price and feel.  Is there somewhere you can go and handle the cameras?

I originally had a Panasonic GF2 and it just didn't "mesh" with me.  The E-PM1 was a much better fit, even though the camera's performance was very similar.  Handling can be the make or break (and since I've been using Olympus cameras for decades, they fit well).

But they are both great choices.

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