I hope Sony makes an app for NEX 6 and 5R to tag GPS location

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Re: I hope Sony makes an app for NEX 6 and 5R to tag GPS location

CosmoZooo wrote:

Since 5R and 6 both support apps and can integrate with the mobile devices I hope Sony considers writing an app to enable GPS tagging in the cameras by getting the location from the phone.

It doesn't look like GPS support is big on the mirror-less and DSLR cameras list probably due to both cost, size or power requirements (just guessing) or perhaps there are more important things to worry about improving for now, or perhaps they are holding out the features for the usual business game. I just think it would be a clever way to bring the GPS capability to the new NEX line without additional hardware cost.

I'm not quite sure, if this will really work well

1) It seems that Apps can't run in background, so if an App has been started, you can't easily navigate through the menu or use the camera as normal. You have to quit the App first. This seems to be one of the main blockers, because I don't want to lose all this functionality because of GPS information.

2) In order to have an up-to-date position information, the camera has to keep the connection to the smartphone using Wifi-Direct. I think this will lead to a (dramatic?) increase of power consumption.

I guess that it is sufficient for most people, just to add the GPS location offline, by recording the GPS location on the phone and use post processing tools, that will fill in the right location in EXIF based on the time information.

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