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Re: Grandma's Cooking

All digital cameras record the captured image in RAW format. The question comes down to how well the in-camera signal processing is performed. In-camera JPG-engines differ in all cameras. If you like the one in camera A, B, or C, that's great. I hear a lot more about the limitations of them, and the frustrations of users than I do do about how "wonderful and perfect" they are. But, there is no reason at all to "argue with success". Everybody's happy.

Can a better job be done by the user using RAW processing ? Depends a lot on the RAW processor's capabilities. It also depends a lot on the user's ability to find a RAW processor(s) that they like using, and which can produce result that they like. Part of that process is for the user to develop an expertise in adjusting the various controls. Nothing good comes without effort.

When we go to the store, we can purchase pre-baked pies (OOC JPG from automatic shooting modes). If they are good, enough, that's great. If they are not, we can also purchase the individual ingredients and make a pie completely from scratch (RAW). Or, we might be able to fashion something in between (OOC JPG with in-camera adjustments, or OOC JPG with in-camera adjustments and some JPG post-processing).

Grandma never used to insult store-bought pies. She would just make one from scratch, and serve up a piece of pie. They had a way of tasting better, because they were made with loving care and personal attention - as opposed to being manufactured by standard recipe for a mass market.

I don't remember anybody scoffing at grandma's fine cooking. I also don't remember anybody telling grandma how store bought pies were just as good as her home-made pies. If they had, she likely would have saved her fine cooking for those who truly appreciated the differences, and encouraged the rest of them to take a little trip to the supermarket to satisfy their own taste-buds.

That's a really great analogy, and I really like pies.

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