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Re: A plea to Olympus: Exposure compenastion in manual mode on the E-M5

tjuster1 wrote:

Allan Brown wrote:

rakore wrote:

I like to use the E-M5 in manual mode with auto ISO. It lets me control the two variables of the exposure triangle I'm most concerned about, and at the same time releaves me from having to factor in ISO as a third factor.

This combination is Not manual mode. How can it be when one of the variables is still auto?

To have real manual mode, you also need to have manual control over the ISO otherwise you are still in auto.

What you are doing is no different to me setting the ISO and the aperture and letting the camera decide the shutter speed.

Other cameras allow you to set some other factors such as the tone line (Pentax calls it the P line) or allow you to adjust the exposure compensation (what you are asking for) but it is still Auto - Not manual.

BTW, what are you doing that the exact shutter speed and aperture are so important?


No, this is still manual mode--in fact, you manually control three things in this case: A, S, and EC.

Whether you control exposure with ISO or EC doesn't make any difference in practice : as long as there aren't three wheels on the camera, you will still have to press a function button before getting access to exposure changes, whether through ISOs or EC. So really, I don't see the point of this request. It is one and the same in number of button presses and in the results.

I agree with the OC--this would be a very useful feature to have, and there's no reason Oly couldn't implement it.

there are already way enough customization possibilities, so I don't see the point of that one. it s not as if you weren't able to get the same results in another way. Just because Nikn has it doesn't mean that we need it too.

I routinely use M + Auto-ISO to set both the aperture (widest possible, usually) + shutter speed (slowest I can tolerate), letting the camera pick the ISO to make it all work. This is the setting I use most often when taking pictures of people indoors. When shooting towards a window, however, it would be useful to dial in some EC--hence the OP's original request.

tweaking the ISO would lead you to the same results.

Panasonic has never had this feature, so Panny users may not recognize its value. But anyone who's tried it knows just how useful it is.

Frankly, I see no value in it. If there is one thing I want to control in a camera, it is the ISO. Taking correctly exposed pictures has always been a matter of keeping those three things under check : ISO, aperture and shutterspeed. Whether you make use of the EC dial or not, you always have to look for these three parameters.

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