Sony 10-18mm f/4 and 16-50mm Samples from NEX 7

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Re: re: the EF-S 10-22 has rather crazy profile

jpr2 wrote:

viking79 wrote:

Thanks, those do look nice. Just for fun, here is a touched up shot from the Sony 10-18mm at 10mm f/8, resized to 4000 on the long edge (same as yours in the gallery) and has CA correction. It does not have corner fix, so it does have magenta edges still (this is a real problem that will frustrate non supported RAW developers, Lightroom should be fine once profiles are there, at least for newer cameras).

yes! In the meantime I've played a bit with PP'ing your 10-18 RAW file at 10mm f/4; quite tough to getrid completely of CAs: it is possible to correct them pretty nicely for either the bottom-right, or top-left corners, BUT... not simultaneously - thus the only way is to balance some compromise, with an effect that residual CAs will always remain; this must my a side effect of a pretty complex - mustache type I guess - a distortion, which is not immediately obvious from your files

There is where the profile comes into play, it will do a lot better job removing any sort of difficult distortions/CA.  I think my settings for Lightroom did a pretty good job removing CA though, and on the building you can see the mustache distortion in the roof.  Using the Sigma 10-20mm f/3.5 profile at 71% strength seemed to fix that pretty well (evidently the Sigma has significantly stronger distortions).

talking of crazy distortions - the EF-S 10-22 was never exactly OK on any of my EOS'es - neither with AF, nor when MF'ed; only N7 I've discovered its truly excellent nature, ​but​ one needs to exercise a bit of cunning; here is a shot focused (manual assist at 11x) optimally at the extreme top-right corner's roof tops - the cost being not tack sharp Collone de Juillet closing the perspective, but... look at that pigeon prancing on bottom right :LOL (although for that one would need to see full res at 6000x4000, not possible currently on DPR)

That is an interesting thought, if the lens has any field curvature, focusing mid field might be better for overall sharpness.  I generally do that, but didn't with this 10-18, I only had a few minutes with it.  I had the focus point set for center and was focusing on the michaels building if I recall.


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