anybody who used both SONY NEX 5N and Fuji X-E1?

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Re: anybody who used both SONY NEX 5N and Fuji X-E1?

evoprox wrote:

Pretty much the same here, NEX-5 and 5n with really nice glass and torn between the N7 (2nd try) and the XE1, maybe XP1. I really enjoy my NEXes and my native e-mount lenses, but can't get rid of the feeling that I shoot something replaceable, if not to say disposable; upscale consumer electronics as opposed to 'photographic' gear particularly when it comes to e-mount lenses, too much plastic, yuk, no matter how good they perform optically. The Fuji system however, especially the lenses exude that heavy air of solidness and reliability like they were built to last forever and apart from IQ (and QC!) related aspects it's that special quality that slowly wins me over, no matter how much I'd miss the articulated screen of a NEX and the broad support of their RAW files. Consider me 'old school' ... I am ... torn


I have a Nex 7 and am going down to my local dealers in an hour or so to try an X-E1.  Reasons are:

1.  I like the 'analogue' controls.

2.  As an (ex) film shooter, the film simulations attract me, especially being able to shoot RAW and play with different settings in-camera (I know perfectly well that I can also do so in PP)

3.  Image quality (no AA filter)

4.  2 types of remote release possible.

5.  Fuji colours

6.  Most importantly, better performance at higher ISOs.  I've never been satisfied with the Nex's performance above 400 ISO.  It's resolution with 24mp is certainly impressive but, for me, is only useable at base ISO.  I took a series of test shots yesterday with the NEX at all ISOs and also withh all the different film modes so intend to do a comparison after my trial today.

I'm also very worried about Sony's future direction as it seems to be heading for gimmicks rather than photographic tools.  The latest blow is that apparently the new Sony 10-18 is not supported on the Nex 6's PDAF capability and even Sony doesn't seem to have a clue if it ever will be!  see here

I have a friend (a professional photographer) with an XP1 who absolutely raves about its IQ and, if my tests bear him out, I can see myself joining the Fuji camp in the very near future - but we'll see


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