Canon iPF5100 or Epson 4900

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Re: Canon iPF5100 or Epson 4900

Mike P2 wrote:

Hi All,
My Epson 3800 finally died today in a very loud way - grinding of gears and bits of plastic - It has been a pain for quite a while, very temperamental paper feed.
Anyway, I'm looking for a new printer and have narrowed it down to the iPF5100 or 4900 - I really do want to be able to print from sheets in addition to roll, so I don't want a larger machine.
I am looking for:
1. Print quality
2. Reliability
3. Don't want to waste ink cleaning the nozzles all the time - I frequently go for 2-3 weeks between printing batches.
I do have quite a lot of Epson Exhibition Fiber paper, so if the Canon is the best machine - can I get a profile easily?
Thanks in advance for any answers.

your best option is the 3880. A lot of the same features as your 3800 but with Vivid Magenta. The guys at SGA Imaging are real good and competitive give them a call 888-838-9164.

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