Upgrade from 5D I (classic) to mark 2 vs Buy new L lens

Started Nov 15, 2012 | Discussions thread
canon person Senior Member • Posts: 1,570
I loved my old 5D...but

the change to the 5D2 was well worth it.  The 5D was a dust magnet.  I have NEVER seen a speck of dust in the 5D2.  The 5D2's 21 mp. sensor is outstanding in comparison to the 12 mp. sensor of the 5D.  There are many, many other improvements in the 5D2 over it's predecessor that are too numerous to mention.  My work product from the 5D2 is my best yet.

I have also considered buying the 5D3 but don't feel it is worth the upgrade.  Perhaps when Canon's "studio camera" is released in the 42-45 mp. range, I might go for it, but for now, the 5D2 does EVERYTHING I could hope for.

Canon Person

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