Canon 60d/ 50d and EF-S are garbage and soft? Explain this.

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Re: Still soft 60d, FF very sharp.

Richard wrote:

MAC wrote:

15-85 at wide end wide open is very sharp

Look at the MTF's

you mention the digital picture site

pull up the 24-105 on Ff at the wide end and do the comparison at the wide end with the 15-85

I pulled it up. I chose the 24-105 4 and the 15-85 3.5-5.6 I put them both on the 60d both at 24mm both at f4. Tthe 24-105 is slightly sharper at the center, about the same going outward but neither is anything to write home about sharpness, I have posted the link below, after the comparison, change the 24 105 to the 1dsmk3, Then you will see what I am talking about as far as sharpness goes, it is much sharper and makes the 60d look like a soft mushy blurr of inexpensive glass and camera, but don't take my word for it, test it yourself. Point, the 60d/7d will NEVER be as sharp, sorry. Is it sharp enough for what I do? For the most part but I still would like to get a FF

Try the following:

You will find that the 60D with the 24-105 is clearly sharper than the FF 1DsMKIII (compare the corners), which is logical, as the 60D uses the center part of the 24-105 (a reduced circle).


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