Can I get this kind of DOF out of the 35mm 1.8 DX???

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Re: Can I get this kind of DOF out of the 35mm 1.8 DX???

primeshooter wrote:

mehigh wrote:

Using a 35mm lens at F1.8 and then applying some extra bokeh with Alien Skin Bokeh2 I bet you can do it on a DX camera!

I use Bokeh 2 a lot when I need to blur my backgrounds and if you can do a good selection around your subject you can achieve amazing results.

There are always ways to compensate things...but of course the purists won't like this approach. I don't mind and I don't care as long as in the end I get my expected result.

joejack951 wrote:

Simple answer, you can't. To get the same image on DX as an image shot at 50mm and f/1.4 on FX, you'd need about a 35mm f/1 lens. The closest you'll find is the $1600 35mm f/1.4 which will still leave you with about a stop more DOF than the full frame image. This is assuming you are shooting wide open too. Certainly if you want shallow DOF, you don't want to be stopping down.

Aside from buying a new lens and/or camera, your best bet is to plan your shots such that your subject is as close as possible to the camera and the background is as far away as possible. Short of that, wrangle together $2000 and buy a used D700 and 50/1.4.

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Trouble is that program doesn't have natural fall off like a proper fast lens does. It looks digital.

It depends on the shot; if you have a clearly defined subject in the foreground (for good selection in Photoshop) then you can control the extent and direction of fall off. I've produced shots with very natural fall off in situations where actually photographing at shallow dof would have required incredible luck to have the moving subject in focus.

It's just one more tool but at times it's the right one.

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