Camera recommendation for a new Dad

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Re: Camera recommendation for a new Dad

vtsteevo wrote:


My criteria for a new camera are:

1. Fast lens and average zoom so I don't have to chase my kid and capture the fast motions

2. Average DOF/Bokeh ability

3. Good in low light

4. Jacket Pocketable

5. <$600



i think the fuji X10 fits your criteria.

i come from panasonic lx. although i don't know what the lx7 is capable of, for me the x10 did exactly what you describe it should do. with my lx1 (!) i only used the manual controls when i was simply playing around with the camera, but i hardly used it in real life situations. because the controls aren't there. the many controls on the x10 (and the customisability) make it almost like a dslr in usage, but in a tiny box. although that box is considerably bigger than the canon s100.

the bokeh is still limited compared to big lens cameras but certainly better than my lx. but good bokeh and pocketability exclude one another.

besides that i am extremely pleased with the fuji colours. the sooc images are really good. a lot of people don't even shoot raw anymore because they mostly cannot make it look better than the camera's jpgs.

fast lens (f2.8 at tele end); good in low-light (also multi exposure low-light function like on your s100), panorama function is really handy. very basic but usable (i use it more and more) optical viewfinder. nice and solid design.

the hardware dynamic range is also very valuable for me (exr sensors). this means i shoot 6mp pics. that's ok for me. but it felt strange that my newer camera makes pictures at a lower resolution than my very old previous one. it can shoot 12mp but then you loose a big strength of this camera.

try to get one in your hands to see if it "feels" right.

if you do some research about it, you'll bump into the "orb" problem. but that should be over now with newer sensors in the latest series. perhaps you should check the serial nr if you seriously consider buying one (although i don't remember from which nr it definitely is a new sensor).

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