Canon 60d/ 50d and EF-S are garbage and soft? Explain this.

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Re: Still soft 60d, FF very sharp.

Richard wrote:

I have posted the link below, after the comparison, change the 24 105 to the 1dsmk3, Then you will see what I am talking about as far as sharpness goes, it is much sharper and makes the 60d look like a soft mushy blurr of inexpensive glass and camera

Be careful with such "comparisons". All that I get from the test images you linked is that, if you stand closer to a subject, you can resolve more detail. This isn't really news to me.

Now, FF will let you stand closer for a given composition with a given lens. So, in that respect, it will deliver you sharper images. But don't be fooled into thinking that an 18MP crop is "soft" when compared to a 22MP FF. It's not - in fact, the crop will resolve more, not less, when the lens and subject distance are the same.

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