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About 90+% agreement, and a question at the end

GodSpeaks wrote:

tex wrote:

Sorry, perhaps it wasn't clear, I was really talking about 35mm and below.

I'd say that depends on your existing skills, the PITA bit that is. Expensive also depends on the format and its relation to digital formats. 35mm film is dead AFAIC. MF will be when digital MF gets down further in price---which is still going to be a while. LF? Nothing affordable on the horizon that I know about in digital that doesn't involve stitching----scanning backs being a different animal and not suitable for a lot of applications (and still not cheap!).

Now, when comparing the whole workflow of film vs digital, film is a PITA to use.

We are now spoiled:

- no more 36 shot limitation

- no more stuck with one ISO speed when shooting

- no more white balance problems

- instant gratification seconds after taking a shot

All true, except LF is not in 36 shots....

Film is expensive in that we would have to a) pay for each roll of film, b) pay to have each roll developed and

True, and MF film is even more expensive now and harder to get processed unless you're doing it yourself

c) pay to have the prints made.

Well, this is a mixed bag.  You still have to pay for prints if prints are what you want.  For DIY, the cost has gone down, especially for large prints, because now you don't need a darkroom

With digital, the memory card is reuseable. Images are downloaded to the computer for viewing, so no developing and printing costs. We pay only for those few images we deem worthy of enlarging to make nice big prints.

Yes here also---especially the good point about only having costs associated with the ones we print.

Yes, 35mm film is dead for all practical purposes.

Medium format (digital) is also dead for everyone except the hardened professional. Mainly due to very high entry costs. Plus cameras like the D800 have now clearly stepped into MF IQ territory.

I just sold off my medium format digital and bought a Nikon D800E. No regrets what-so-ever.

!  This I'd like to hear more about.  i watched an interview with a couple of Canadian portrait/fashion photographers who were very impressed with the D800 (not the E I don't think), but who were sticking with MF for now because they felt MF still had the tonality edge.  So I would LOVE to hear what you have to say on this point!  What differences are you seeing there?  Thanks!

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