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Re: Question is so vague..

kermitG9 wrote:

HMY wrote:

How good is the 12-50mm that comes with EM5, or just get EM5 Body?

"Or just get the E-M5 body"... and then, which lens are you going to use ?!

Listen, you need to spend a little more time when writing your questions and give details about what you need (focal lengths, weather sealing , type of photography etc..)..

If you keep your questions as short as a 1 liner, then you can't expect any helpful/meaningful answer because people will have to guess what you really want..

The OP:s question is exact what I asked myself when buying the OMD. Sometimes we have those simple questions.

My own answer to myself was that it was decent enough to be worth the extra cost when purchased together with the body. And I still think so. But, the more other lenses I get, the less I use the 12-50. Now I use it mostly as a WA lens, since I don't have one. And I put it on sometimes when the weather is bad and when I have no specific intentions what pictures to take that day. With that said, the 12-50 is not a bad lens at all. It does what you expect from a kit lens, even a little better than most other kit lenses of other brands.

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