NEX RAW - Need help to make the 'white' look white

Started Nov 15, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: NEX RAW - Need help to make the 'white' look white

ConanFuji wrote:

PS: I'm just taking a stab... is this Chroma Noise?

Yes! The really raw RAW will typically have plenty of chroma noise and some but less luminance noise (salt & pepper graininess). Higher ISOs will make it worse. Your typical RAW converter will have a default Chroma noise reduction to minimise this without adversely affecting the image, and you can tweak this setting to suit each image if desired. Take a look at RawTherapee (freeware) or DXO, LightRoom etc RAW processors. And some are happy to just use JPG! I tweaked my JPGs for a long time, but there really is more quality waiting to be coaxed out of RAW.


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