Issue with Vivitar 28mm/2

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Re: Issue with Vivitar 28mm/2

oowtfmang wrote:

After more use with this camera, I'm not getting happy results with it. It seems as if lots of the pictures lack contrast and aren't as sharp as I'd like them to be. Can anybody else see what's wrong with this camera through the two pictures in the original post? I'll post more tomorrow when I get a chance.

You never reported whether the Vivitar had a filter on, or whether on shining a torch through it you could see hazy/greasy internal elements etc? What's the serial number on the Vivitar? 28xxxxxx are made by Komine and known to be good, other might be good also, though I had one that was bad. Any f2 or "faster" lens might suffer from loss of contrast or veiling glare wide open, but will probably be sharp a stop or two down and best  around f5.6. Your Canon lens shot looks good, sharp and contrasty, so it's not the camera. Can you be more specific about what settings you're using? More examples would help.

If you use JPG you can tweak the in-camera settings for sharpness, contrast and saturation. Unlike some cameras with in-camera stabilisation mechanisms, with manual lenses you must hold the NEX steady to avoid shake and stay above 1/30 shutter speed, faster the better. Try "A mode" with E/V at 0, keeping an eye on shutter speed, using (auto)ISO to keep it up if necessary. Try tilting the LCD up, camera against torso, left hand under the lens, elbows pressed in to your sides, right thumb carefully pressing the shutter without moving the camera. Use focus assist magnification to make sure of focus.


One from my Canon FDn 35/2 stopped down a little.

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